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Porch Misting System

Consider how a porch misting system could allow you to enjoy more time out of doors in the summer by cooling off the ambient temperature. With a porch or patio mister from Cool-Off, you can relax under a cool mist that reduces the air temperature by an average of 20 degrees. Our affordable system can help you reclaim all of your backyard spaces that have been lost to the sun in the hottest parts of the day. Check out all of our products online or let our team recommend a low-cost set-up for your porch.

3 Popular Misting Systems for Sale Online at Cool-Off

1. Cool-Off’s Mid Pressure Misting System Kit ships within 24 hours and features a powerful 200 PSI booster pump, 15’ of leader line hose, 30-50’ if misting line, a filtration system, nozzles, and all hardware needed to complete the project. Customize the kit by selecting the number of nozzles for your set-up, tubing color, and any addition tubing required.

Our best-selling porch misting system comes standard with the industry’s newest booster pump, with capabilities to power up to 24 misting nozzles. Take a closer look on our website; we’re certain you’ll find that it’s one of the best water cooling systems out there today.

2. Our Mid Pressure Misting System Kit With Stainless Tubing Upgrade costs a bit more than the standard model but is built to withstand many summers and numerous outdoor elements. Every kit we sell features a quick and easy installation, with support available by phone or through our Ask an Expert section online.

Along with the best misting systems on the market, Cool-Off is also the number one supplier of outdoor water misting equipment and water misting accessories and part components. Check out our inventory to see for yourself why so many online shoppers consider us first when looking for misters and misting parts.

3. If you have a porch that heats up when the sun starts to rise, you’ll benefit tremendously from a rooftop misting system from Cool-Off. Our roof misters come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Our 40’ High-Pressure Misting System with Remote Control is ideal for installing at the entrance of porches and patios- and they couldn’t be any easier to install. Connect the system’s pump to your water source, attach the nylon tubing, and use tube cutters to insert each misting nozzle wherever you want mist.

Cool-Off Misters Help You Beat the Heat

Misting is a common term for flash evaporation that occurs when liquid water turns to a fine mist; the result is a flash cooling of the immediate air temperature, and it lasts as long as you have your mister turned on. Discover the affordability of an easy-to-set-up porch misting system from Cool-Off and give your family a reason to spend more time out of doors. Everyone loves cooling off under our misters; find out more about our systems when you contact Cool-Off at 800-504-6478.