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Duct Cleaning Saskatoon

Duct Cleaning Saskatoon

Duct cleaning companies will insist that their service is excellent for your health and lower your power bills. The uncommon truth is that there is little data to back up these claims because there is no way to offer measurable information on the effect of clogged ducts in the home. Under most situations, the dirt is inert and incapable of creating more significant issues unless disturbed.

So do you need our duct cleaning services? Air duct cleaning removes dirt and contaminants that interact with the HVAC system. These agents originate in other parts of the ventilation system like the filters, cooling towers, and humidifiers, making it out of the pipeline via the air purification ducts. Our duct cleaning in Saskatoon has standards and procedures to clean out the ducts of a commercial or residential building to keep the residents and employees safe and healthy.

Commercial air duct cleaning

Businesses started looking for new ways to keep their premises clean in the wake of Covid-19, to minimize the risk of infections from poor air quality. The duct system houses all kinds of debris and allergens and therefore needs regular cleaning to keep the space safe for the workplace. Professional duct cleaning targets the following parts and features in the system, among many more:

  • Motor housing
  • Internal ducts
  • Supply ducts
  • Unit housing
  • Fan housing
  • Heating coil
  • Diffuser
  • Drain/drip pans
  • Heat exchanger

Benefits of commercial duct cleaning

  • Improved air standards – You want to know that the commercial building is clean and fresh at all times to keep the space safe and healthy.
  • Reduced risk of fires – Running heat during the colder months can trigger fires if the ducts are full of volatile components.
  • Energy efficiency – The air passing through the HVAC will always result in higher energy bills if it pushes through the gunk of dirty components. You want a clean enough system to allow a smooth flow of air and keep the energy bills at a reasonable level.
  • Remove unpleasant odors – Air ducts and furnace cleaning improve air quality and minimize unpleasant scents because the ducts are free of old waste and build-up.

Residential duct cleaning

Cleaning the ducts in a residential home offers the same benefits as cleaning a commercial duct system. There are no apparent differences between the two because both systems have the same duct system with only a few distinctions. The only significant disparities include the following:

  • Most residential HVAC systems are within the ground, while commercial systems tend to be on the roof
  • Commercial systems are more extensive and, therefore, more challenging to clean
  • It is better to hire a company specialized in your duct cleaning service because each one uses a different set of tools and skills.

You may already deduce that these unfavorable conditions are the telltale signs that you need duct cleaning services for better indoor air quality. Vent Pro specializes in commercial and home duct cleaning, so you will enjoy cleaner and fresher air for longer while reducing the energy bills by removing blockages that restrict airflow. Contact us today for more information.  



Duct Cleaning Saskatoon
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Duct Cleaning Saskatoon
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